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Volunteer Stories

SHIP counselors offer unbiased support to Medicare beneficiaries and families, helping them navigate complex Medicare decisions through personalized guidance. Volunteers are trained and certified as Medicare experts to assist with enrollment, plan reviews, and troubleshoot problems, so you don’t need a background in health insurance to get involved. SHIP can find a role that’s just right for you (learn more). To volunteer for SHIP, select your state under “Find Local Medicare Help" and call today.

Become a SHIP Volunteer

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Interested in volunteering? Whether it's one-on-one Medicare counseling, speaking to groups, or providing office support, SHIP can find a role that's just right for you.

Doni Owens

SHIP Volunteer

Donnie Owens.PNG

Doni Owens values one-on-one interactions to assist others effectively and ensure understanding. She finds joy in helping people benefit from her services.

Charles Reese

SHIP Volunteer

Charles Reese.PNG

Charles Reese assists older people on Medicare with unbiased guidance to navigate the system and reduce out-of-pocket costs, bringing them joy and relief.

Jennie Anderson

SHIP Volunteer

Jennie Anderson.PNG

Jennie Anderson found purpose in retirement by volunteering for SHIP, providing Medicare counseling. She cherishes the gratitude from those she helps.

Freddie Black

SHIP Volunteer

Freddie Black.PNG

Freddie Black enjoys sharing her lifetime knowledge and know-how to help make things better for others.

William Chao

SHIP Volunteer

William Chao.PNG

Are you bilingual? Want to use your skills to help? William Chao answers Medicare questions in his language, providing valuable support to his community.

Yolanda Mugica

SHIP Volunteer

Yolanda Mugica.PNG

Yolanda Mugica enjoys the monthly Medicare training sessions and the opportunity to provide personalized Medicare counseling in a welcoming environment.

Annie Selley

SHIP Volunteer

Anne Selley.PNG

Are you looking to bring joy and purpose to your free time? Volunteer Annie Selley assists people with Medicare, emphasizing the rewarding feeling of helping others.

Gary Schwartz

SHIP Volunteer

Gary Schwartz.PNG

Gary Schwartz found intellectually stimulating volunteer work in retirement as a SHIP Medicare counselor, helping people and finding it rewarding.

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