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Attending a SHIP Center Webinar?

The SHIP Technical Assistance Center collaborates with the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Resource Center to offer national webinars for SHIP and SMP program staff and volunteers. We use Zoom for our webinars.

  • For tips from Zoom about using Zoom, click here.
  • For the best attendee experience, please ensure you have the current version of Zoom software downloaded to your computer before each event you attend. To download the current version of Zoom, click here.
  • Zoom requires event passwords, which should fill automatically. If they do not auto-fill, please see your confirmation email, or your reminder email for this information. If you continue to experience issues, contact the SHIP Technical Assistance Center at
  • For help troubleshooting audio issues, click here.

Webinar FAQs

  1. Q: How can I access webinar PowerPoints?
    A: PowerPoints are in the resource library the day of the webinar, usually at least one hour before the webinar start time. They are also available for download within the Zoom platform during the webinar.

  2. Q: How can I access webinar recordings?
    A: Recordings are added to the webinar resource in the SHIP and SMP libraries within 24 hours after the end of the live webinar.

  3. Q: I cannot find the confirmation email with the join link. Is there still a way to join the webinar?
    A: Yes, the registration link will allow you to join the webinar, even if you already registered.

  4. Q: Why can’t I hear on the webinar?
    A: For audio troubleshooting tips from Zoom, click here.

  5. Q: Why didn’t I get a Zoom registration confirmation email or calendar invitation?
    A: Zoom sends automatic emails to registrants. Check your junk mail folder if you don’t receive these emails after registering. If the emails are in your junk mail folder, mark them as “not junk” to prevent this in the future. If an agency or organization provides your email address, you may need to add and as allowed domains on your organization’s email server.

  6. Q: How can I join a webinar I registered for if I don’t get the Zoom confirmation email?
    A: ​​​​​​​You can click the link to register once the host has started the webinar (about 15 minutes before the webinar start time). As long as you have registered, you will be able to join.

  7. Q: How do I add captioning while on a webinar?

    A: Next to the "Show Captions" button, click the up carat button🔼.

    Under the "Translate to" section of the menu, click on the language you want the captions translated to. Click the "More" option to see more available languages.

    Once a different language is chosen, the captions will be generated and translated into that language for you. Other participants can choose a language for their captions independently of your chosen language.

Need Language Support?

If you need American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation for a webinar, please email two weeks or more before the webinar's date. Otherwise, we cannot promise we will be able to accommodate your request. We open registration for our webinars a month in advance.

Zoom allows attendees to turn on English captions. If you need captioning in other languages, Zoom has integrated translation in many different languages. See Webinar FAQ #7 for details on enabling captioning.