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Success Stories

How SHIP Helped Me

For some, the SHIP program's in-person help was essential for understanding the complexities of Medicare and making good choices. For others, SHIP education helped them save on their health care costs. Watch these short videos to learn more. If you would like to talk with a SHIP counselor, select your state under “Find Local Medicare Help."

Gary Bartle

Beneficiary Story


“I had worked for two Fortune 500 companies,” says Gary Bartle, but found his Medicare options overwhelming. “It’s much better to sit down in front of somebody, and they can explain it to you.”

Rachel McGoogan

Caregiver Story


“I don’t live in the same city where my parents live, so this is something I really needed.” Rachel McGoogan needed SHIP to help her parents with their Medicare.

Tracey Stewart

Beneficiary Story

Tracey Stewart.PNG

"It’s going to save you money and it’s going to help you pick the right program for you.”

Betty Jerry

Beneficiary Story

Betty Jerry.PNG

"Before the help that I received here, it was like I was just a ball being thrown around."

Francine Dent

Beneficiary Story

Francine Dent.PNG

"If this service were not available, I think that I would have been in worse shape than I am now."

Mary Crandall

Beneficiary Story

Mary Crandall.PNG

"You shouldn't have to decide between food or medication... the Medicare Counselors help... get you the cheapest program, the program that works best for you."

Eloise Dennis

Beneficiary Story

Eloise Dennis.PNG

“I was not too adept at navigating the government website, but I had seen SHIP offering this service and I thought ‘that’s the way to go.’”

SHIPs Help You

40-second video

Navigate the Maze.png

SHIPs help you navigate the complexities of Medicare.

   Transcripts available here


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